Leslie Escobedo

Level 1 Stylist

Women’s Cuts, Highlights / Base color, Special Occasions

chose cosmetology because it was something that always came to me naturally and I got tired of chasing careers that didn't bring me joy. My best friend convinced me to move to Nashville with her from our small town in fort Myers Florida and I joined cosmetology school and now I'm living the dream! My parents along with my 4 brothers all still live in Florida so I still get to travel to the beach frequently, YAY! Outside of the salon I live a pretty quiet life with occasional girls nights! My life mantra is todays challenges lead to tomorrows successes!

Favorite Products
Shu: Muroto Volume
Redken: Iron Shape 
Pureology: Color Fanatic Leave-in
Kerastase: Sérum Cicanuit Hair Serum

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