Gaven Smith is a nationally recognized stylist. He and his highly trained team are passionate about creating a trademark look that is always in fashion: stunning, healthy, gorgeous hair. Gaven’s style is a mix of down-to-earth sensibility combined with years of experience and great passion for the industry. A former Redken Exchange Facilitator in color correction and past Symposium Platform Artist in business, he is the driving force behind the culture and brand of Studio Gaven. His work has garnered countless awards including being named one of the Top 100 Salons in the United States by Elle Magazine in 2009 and 2010.


GavenSmithphotoWhen did you know you wanted to do hair?
When my stylist years ago always had fun, and loved his career. He said he gets to make ladies and gents happy every single time he saw them! That’s very rewarding.

How long have you been doing color?
23 years, 2016 fall, will be 24!

How would you describe your approach to doing hair color?
Hair colour is my only service I do in the salon. I see, breathe, and feel hair colour always. Blondes are my favorite, how to create the balance of dimension, high’s and low’s in a blonde. As in the natural way blonde should live.

What inspires your creativity?
The fall leaves changing, I will find a few each year that I love the color of after they have started changing.

What advice would you give someone considering coloring their hair for the first time?
Start simple, using a color as in Shades EQ, or Shades EQ cream to blend and diminish any grey hair. As for adding lightness, add some foils a few shades lighter in the fringe, or through the top for sun kissed look.

Do you customize a hair color service for each and every client?
Yes, each guest has their own look of fashion hair colour, as well as their own prescribed treatment in the salon, and take home hair care to protect their investment of colour.

What celebrity always has great hair?
As always, Jennifer Anniston. She will always be my fav for color.

What’s your approach to returning hair color clients?
I reconsult each visit, to see where we are for their look, maintenance, and their condition of their hair. I like to adjust the colour for each season. Or completely change it !!!

Describe your personal style:
Very clean cut, super Banana Republic/Burberry guy. I love German automotive along with Italian bikes, and I could shop at Restoration Hardware every week. I am huge home person, and love the water. I will be on the lake most weekends on my Sea Ray Cruiser. I like strong lines, dimension, soft lighting, rich Coco Bean Espresso hard wood floors. My favorite color is a nice chill green, or Silver sage.