Casey Gilley

Level 8 Stylist, Salon Educator, Kerastase Ambassador & Salon Shareholder


Women’s Cuts, Balayage, Highlights/Base Color

Becoming a cosmetologist was never supposed to be my permanent career. In the early 2000s my dream was to be an architect. At the time, moving away to go to school was not an option and, Nashville, being a lot smaller of a city at the time, did not have the type of schooling available to do what I had in mind. So I went to cosmetology school in hopes of moving away, and doing hair to pay for life and the college I would need to further my pursuit of architectural engineering. But the universe had its own plan for me! Fast forward a few years & 3 baby boys later, here I am! I’m not an architect, but I’d never be able to imagine life any differently. My calling was not just doing hair, but helping people to feel great about themselves.

In my spare time, I love to work outdoors in my yard. Planting flowers, cutting grass, and landscaping. With my 3 boys, we love traveling, camping, canoeing, beaching, and attending small live music shows.

A rule to live by: “don’t sweat the small the grand scheme of life, it’s all small stuff”. -Be True, CG

Favorite Products
Kerastase Chronologiste, Shu Silk Bloom Shampoo & Conditioner

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