Studio Gaven is a Summit Salon.  We have earned that title due to the fact that as our stylists progress in their careers and achieve benchmark goals, they are promoted.  At that time, their prices are raised a nominal amount in celebration of their achievements as a professional in our industry.  Signage is always posted at the stylist’s station so that you will know when such achievement can be recognized and celebrated.


Abby Samona

Abigail Meisch

Allie Rhodes

Avery Wellendorf

Brook Smith

Ellie Martin

Elizabeth Waugh

Elizabeth Waugh

Haley Barnes

Kelsey Depalma

Katherine Melendez

Katie Duncan

Katie Kowalski

Kenzey Meador

Lalli Gaytan

Maddie Miller

MariaKate Hopwood

Rena Messineo

Verenice Araguz

Yvette Leon


Brook Smith

Ellie Martin

Kaitlyn Persich

Karlie Meeker

Katherine Melendez

Rena Messineo



Dana Funk

Licensed Cosmetologist, Shareholder & Salon Director

"My passion in life is to make people happy!" 

With an extensive history of different jobs, roles, and responsibilities, Dana Funk has always worked with a passion for customer service and a desire to make a difference in communication. Once she received her cosmetology license, she worked as a stylist for 8 years and coincidingly began training as a manager. Using all that she had learned, she pushed towards greatness with the help of her mentors and peers, and continued to hit astounding career benchmarks.

In 2017, she began her position as Studio Gaven’s Salon Director, and has been changing the lives of stylists, guests, and everyone in between. With her exuberant, joyful spirit and love for helping others, she continues to keep “the ship sailing” every single day at the salon. On any given day, she can be found doing anything and everything to make sure every guest has an excellent experience at Studio Gaven, from finding the perfect match between guest and stylist, to doing IT work to make sure everything is running smoothly!


Enzo Roselli

Karen Torres

Kelsey Meador

Olivia Knox

Sam Barker

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